Our Team

We’re small but on a mission to have a big impact.

Dr. Theodore W. Frick

Ted’s work centers around the question: How can we make learning better? As former chair and long-time faculty member of the Instructional Systems Technology department at Indiana University, Ted brings his vast  knowledge and experience to UnlockLearning.org. The Instructional Systems Technology department is one of the premier Instructional Design graduate program in the world.

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Dr. Rodney D. Myers

Rod’s been involved in higher education for over twenty-five years as a student, an instructor, and a technology specialist. He earned a B.A. and M.A. in English at Ball State University and taught composition and rhetoric for a few years. He then studied film production and screenwriting at De Anza College, where he wrote and/or directed several award-winning short films (with his brother). He was an early adopter of the Web and served as University Webmaster for Santa Clara University for two years, followed by stints as an animator (for Blue Mountain Arts) and a design technologist for a Web consulting spinoff of SRI just before the dotcom bubble burst.

In 2006 Rod earned an M.A. in Instructional Technology at San Jose State University, where the faculty chose him for the “Richard B. Lewis Outstanding Graduate Student” award. In 2012 Rod earned a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. Rod is especially interested in the design and use of games and simulations for learning. For his dissertation, he proposed and tested a method for using pattern analysis to verify the accuracy of a simulation/game’s computational model.

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Andrew F. Barrett

Andrew is Canadian and a Ph.D. candidate in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University’s School of Education who brings years of teaching, professional, service, and research experience to UnlockLearning.org. His minor in Nonprofit Management from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs reflects his interest in how the nonprofit sector can help change the face of learning.

His research is focused on addressing the question: How can we use assessment to make learning better? He has conducted studies on online peer assessment, assessing Technological Pedagogical And Content Knowledge (TPACK), and variable-length computer adaptive testing that have resulted in peer-reviewed publications and academic conference presentations.

A previous life in Internet Consulting with Sapient and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Queen’s University developed a strong set of technical skills that Andrew applies to projects at UnlockedLearning.org.

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